Jaylen Brown On Grant Williams Shooting 0/25 From The 3-Point Line: "We Were Calling Him Ben Simmons."

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After Ben Simmons recorded a terrible postseason with the Philadelphia 76ers, NBA fans started remembering all his struggles and the criticism he received in prior seasons. 

The Australian player has had a hard time hitting 3-pointers and making free throws, which was more visible this campaign. After struggling against the Atlanta Hawks in the second round of the playoffs, old videos of the Simmons slander have resurfaced. One of those includes Jaylen Brown calling a teammate 'Ben Simmons' after missing several 3-pointers. 

Back in 2019, Brown revealed the Celtics called Grant Williams Ben Simmons for going 0-25 from beyond the arc. 

"We were calling him Ben Simmons for the longest. But he knocked one down, and knocked them down, too. So, shoutout to both of those guys."

That was really a low blow from Brown, but that was the perfect description for Williams. Simmons has decreased his level since his rookie season; he went from knocking jumpers consistently to only dunking the ball and making easy layups. 

Ben has many things to work out this season if he wants to help the Philadelphia 76ers win the NBA championship and have a better career in the association.