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Jaylen Brown Shares Iconic Picture of Bill Russell And Kareem Abdul-Jabbar At The Muhammad Ali Summit

Jaylen Brown Shares Iconic Picture of Bill Russell And Kareem Abdul-Jabbar At The Muhammad Ali Summit

Bill Russell was one of the more influential athletes in the history of sports as he played a big role in the fight against racism, which was prevalent in American society for a big part of his life. Russell's impact is felt strongly to this day, but it is felt more so in Boston than in any other city in America.

Russell spent his entire playing career with the Boston Celtics, and the organization released a touching statement after news came out that he had passed away. Celtics star Jaylen Brown, who is one of the more outspoken players about the issues plaguing society today, stated that it was an honor to have spent some time with Russell, and he also took the time to share one of the most iconic images involving the great man. It was the one with Russell seated alongside Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at what ended up being called the Muhammad Ali Summit.

The meeting took place because Muhammad Ali had caused a stir in the country in 1966 when he refused to serve in the army during the Vietnam War. As tensions rose, some of the prominent black athletes at the time, including Russell and Kareem, met with Ali on 4th June 1967 so as to gain more clarity on Ali's motives behind his decision.

They came together in Cleveland for the summit and, after having discussions with him, came to the conclusion that they would support his decision to not take part. It was the first instance of so many prominent African-American athletes coming together to support a decision that was as controversial as this one was.

It was really the first big instance of athletes joining hands to combat what they felt was injustice, and it allowed those who came after them to do the same. We may look at athletes today being outspoken about issues as being the norm, but it wasn't always this way, and if not for this landmark moment, we may not be seeing it at all.