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Jerry West Says Michael Jordan Is His Favorite Player Of All Time: "He Epitomizes What I Think Is Great In A Basketball Player."

jerry west michael jordan

Michael Jordan was a transcendent player who manage to three-peat twice for six championships. Many view him as the GOAT of basketball, and there's no question that he's left a lasting imprint on the game.

Jerry West has recently claimed that Michael Jordan is his favorite player of all time, claiming that he "epitomizes" what West thinks is "great in a basketball player". There's no doubt that Michael Jordan was terrific in his prime, and it's easy to see why he's West's favorite player ever.

Probably my favorite player of all-time, Michael Jordan... To me he epitomizes what I think is great in a basketball player. Someone who can play both ends of the court. His teams win. In the last quarter he's going to be there. More importantly, I love Michael like a brother. You get a chance to spend some time with him.. he never changes, that's why I like him.

Michael Jordan had few if any flaws as a basketball player, and there's a reason he dominated the sport. While there have been a lot of fantastic players that have played in the NBA, Michael Jordan sets himself apart with how much he accomplished during his career and how much respect he commands from his peers.

There are other players who people have claimed are the GOAT of basketball. Players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and LeBron James are often mentioned in those discussions. However, Michael Jordan is definitely the popular opinion for who the GOAT is, and for good reason. Some people have pointed out that a full Hall of Fame career separates Michael Jordan and LeBron James, and one can't argue that there is a gulf of accolades between the two. Perhaps one day there will be a player that will be viewed as better than Michael Jordan, but thus far, that hasn't happened yet.