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Jim Jackson Says LeBron James Isn't As Aggressive Offensively As Kobe Bryant Or Michael Jordan

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LeBron James has always been known as a playmaker first, and a scorer second. Not that it is a bad thing: LeBron James has four championships playing his brand of basketball, and it's not like he is unable to score at will when he needs to. However, LeBron James has always been a player who plays the right way and involves his teammates.

Recently, Jim Jackson has stated that compared to Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, LeBron James is less aggressive on

I’d say Mike No.1. Just for the sheer fact that Mike, offensively and defensively, the way he attacked in multiple positions where you can put him. And, he was very efficient.

Now, LeBron is very efficient, but LeBron won’t be as aggressive offensively. Mike was always like that Kobe was like that.

LeBron is so methodical in this thing, the mindset was like Magic [Johnson]. ‘Okay, Imma beat you with this, and if I get it going from here I’m fine.’ Would Mike beat you from the 3-point line back in the day? No, not really. But, free-throw line, he’d get to his spots, and he really didn’t take bad shots.

There is no doubt that Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan were more aggressive in hunting their shot, but that doesn't diminish anything from LeBron James. If anything, LeBron James developing into an elite scorer with his pass-first mentality is something to be commended.