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Jimmy Butler Sends A Message To The Rest Of The NBA: "Nobody Intimidates Us.”

Jimmy Butler Sends A Message To The Rest Of The NBA- "Nobody Intimidates Us.”

Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat have had a pretty rough season.

Still, even amid all the struggles, Butler remains confident in their chances to make a deep run.

“I like our chances against anybody honestly,” Butler told TNT. “Nobody intimidates us.”

After making a surprising run to the NBA Finals last year, the Heat have been on everybody's radar. With Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and a host of solid supporting cast members, they have a roster capable of competing with anyone.

This season, though, will present with challenges they didn't see last time.

Between the compact of COVID-19, the strain of the shortened schedule, and new Eastern Conference powerhouses, it won't be an easy ride for Butler, or anyone for that matter, to make it through three rounds. In fact, Miami is just 5th in the East this year, meaning they won't have a home-court advantage at all in the playoffs.

Still, there is a sense that the team can make it through, if not for their experience, then the sheer leadership of their best player, who has been pushing them all year long.

Needless to say, it will take a super-human effort from their core to pull it off.