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John Salley Says Russell Westbrook 'Maybe' Is A Hall Of Famer

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Ever since he made it to the NBA, Russell Westbrook has been one of the most polarizing players in the league.

While undeniable talented and incredibly athletic, some people aren't fond of his erratic decision-making and poor shooting.

Others ignore that and just laud the fact that he's somehow made it normal to average a triple-double.

Numbers-wise and individual accolades-wise, there's no doubt that Westbrook should be in the Hall of Fame. However, former Detroit Pistons star John Salley isn't so sure:

"Maybe," Salley said when asked about Westbrook's chance of making the Hall of Fame.

The former Pistons player said that Westbrook is going to be extremely focused next season because he's got to win a ring if he wants to be a Hall of Famer:

"So, he's home. He's comfortable. I think -- and that's the trick. There's no nonsense, so I don't think there's going to be any buffoonery because he has to win a championship," he added. "You asked me if he's gonna be in the Hall of Fame. Well, one: I don't know how that works because I know Ben Wallace got in... Defensive Player of the Year on a defensive team. And he only averaged 5.7 points per game. And this dude is amazing that he's in this situation. So, you have to win a championship, it seems like. Well, except for Charles Barkley. (...) I'm watching how they put people in the Hall of Fame and I got a lot of stats better than a lot of them," Salley concluded.

That seems to be the case. Westbrook is the all-time leader in triple-doubles, a former MVP, assists leader, and scoring champion. He's a Hall of Famer.

Yet, he needs that ring to finally silence his critics and achieve the glory he's so deserving of.