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John Wall Caught Liking A Skip Bayless Tweet Saying He'd Trade Russell Westbrook For Wall

The Houston Rockets Trade John Wall For Russell Westbrook

Houston Rockets point guard John Wall has been linked with a move away from the Texan franchise in recent days. The former All-Star landed in Houston in a complex situation, with James Harden trying to force his way out of the team, which he achieved in January 2021. 

After that, Wall was expected to become the leader of the squad before the front office decided to start rebuilding instead of trying to compete with Wall leading the charge. With the team focused on developing their young players, the former Washington Wizards star was separated from the rest of the squad, while the Rockets try to find a trade partner for him. 

Just like it happened last season, Wall could be swapped for Russell Westbrook. The 2017 NBA MVP hasn't had the best times in Los Angeles, struggling to make an impact on the Lakers, which led fans to ask the Lakers to get rid of Russ. 

Several people have talked about this potential trade, and Wall seems to like that idea. After Skip Bayless made a case for a Wall-Westbrook exchange, the Rockets player was caught liking the tweet of the video where Skip explained what he would do with the two struggling stars

"It's classic addition by subtraction. Don't you want out from under Westbrook? John Wall is less threatening to your mix than Russ."

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Seeing their current situations and the type of contracts they both have, it makes a lot of sense for the Lakers to trade for Wall. Still, it doesn't seem like they will see a big difference playing with John instead of Russ. 

Wall and Westbrook have similar styles of play and as far as we know, neither is a shooter. The Lakers could try their luck and see if they can get some benefit from having Wall on the roster, but right now, it doesn't look like it will be a major change compared to Russ. 

Well, the former Wizards is seemingly interested in going to L.A., so perhaps we're seeing the first steps of another blockbuster trade completed by the Lakers.