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Karl-Anthony Towns Still Has A Piece Of The Last Birthdaу Cake His Mother Gave Him In 2019: "It’s A Memento As One Of The Last Things She Gave Me"

Karl-Anthony Towns

Last year, Karl-Anthony Towns suffered tremendous losses at the hands of COVID-19. In the span of months, the virus killed several members of his family, including his mother back on April 13.

Obviously, Towns will never fully recover, but he is doing his best to keep moving forward... with a few moments from his late mother to help him keep that connection alive.

In a recent interview with Marc Spears, he gave an update on his life and mindset in the aftermath of his family tragedy, revealing one particular edible he sleeps around from 2019.

“I got a lot to be happy about in life,” Towns told The Undefeated after earning 28 points and 10 rebounds during a 110-96 win over the Pelicans. “There are a lot of things that can go wrong, but I’m just worried about the good that can come out. I don’t think it’s fully back."

Towns told The Undefeated he forgot about his 26th birthdaу on Nov. 15 until he was reminded about it by his girlfriend, Jordyn Woods, who celebrated it with him. The reason why it slipped his mind was because it was his mother who always made his “birthday special.” Towns said he still has a big piece of his last birthday cake that his mother gave him in 2019 in his freezer that means the world to him.

“I know it’s not good to eat, but it’s a memento as one of the last things she gave me,” Towns said. “Birthdays and stuff like that haven’t been really special to me, because she was the one who made it really special for me. She was the one who got me amped to have a birthdaу or to have that moment. But my girl did an amazing job of filling her shoes in and making it special.”

Sometimes, it can be easy to lose track of just how damaging COVID-19 can really be. It has killed millions of people around the world, breaking countless more hearts in the process.

For KAT, he experienced that first-hand, and it's hard to see. But kudos to him for pressing on, keeping his head up, and continuing to be the star we all know and love.