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Karl Malone Almost Brought To Tears After Seeing His Daughter On Her Wedding Day

Karl Malone Almost Brought To Tears After Seeing His Daughter On Her Wedding Day

14x All-Star Karl Malone celebrated many occasions over his NBA career.

This week, however, he experienced a whole different level of emotion after seeing his daughter preparing to walk down the aisle.

In a post from meganraefilms on Instagram, you can see the Jazz big man struggle to keep his eyes dry in an emotionally intense moment.

The wedding was for Karlee Malone (now Diaz) and her partner, Brent, a minor league catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers. Here are some more clips of the event:

Malone, 58, is one of the best forwards to ever pick up a basketball. He was also one of the toughest.

In 19 years in the league (18 with the Jazz), he was named to 14 All-Star teams, 14 All-NBA teams, and four All-Defensive Teams. He was also a 2x MVP.

Unfortunately, Malone was never able to capture a Championship during his tenure, which is the most glaring hole in his resume. Still, the guy deserves credit for what he was able to do, and the way he was able to outwork almost everybody else.

"I'm going to tell you three guys that had more talent than Karl Malone -- Chris Webber, Derrick Coleman and Charles Barkley," Malone once said. "More talent. More talent. But, they didn't outwork me. I would never use the term, ‘He was better than me,'" Malone explained. "More talented is different."

Malone has faced controversy recently for some things in his past, and none of that is going away.

But it's clear that he has a deep love and appreciation for his family and his daughter, Karlee. If a guy as tough as him was brought to tears seeing his daughter in her dress, you can bet there are some close ties there.