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Kawhi Leonard And Paul George Were At The LA Rams Playoff Game And Paul George Got Booed By Fans

Kawhi Leonard And Paul George Were At The LA Rams Playoff Game And Paul George Got Booed By Fans

With both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George out with respective injuries, the LA Clippers are without their two superstars. Leonard and George joined the Clippers in 2019 to help bring their hometown franchise to their first NBA championship. But neither star has been able to do so, and now, both players could miss the rest of the season.

That hasn't brought them down too much though, as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were spotted at the SoFi Stadium in LA to support the LA Rams in their playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals. While they were happy to be there, fans weren't exactly thrilled to see Paul George.

Paul George was actually booed by LA Rams fans in attendance when he was shown on the big screen. One has to wonder if this is because a good number of fans in the stadium were die-hard Lakers fans, and didn't like the fact that George and Leonard played for the LA Clippers.

Despite the boos, George and Leonard seemed to have a good time, watching their team defeat the Arizona Cardinals and move on to the next round of the NFL playoffs. With their respective injuries, they now have more time to pursue some off-the-court hobbies, such as being in attendance for NFL games.

Leonard and George have been widely criticized over the years for their failure in the playoffs. The 2020 NBA playoffs were perhaps the most scrutinized period of their lives, as both players underdelivered as the LA Clippers made a second-round exit.

George's injury could cost him the rest of the season, as it is a pretty severe one. As for Leonard, there are those who expect him to return before the end of this season. But even if the reports are to be believed, Leonard will have to do what George tried to do in the playoffs last year, and win games for the Clippers without their co-star.