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Kevin Durant And Kevin Love React To Lakers/Nets Game

Kevin Durant

The jewel of NBA Christmas Day was the Lakers/Nets matchup, which featured two of the league's most popular and polarizing ball clubs.

Despite the absence of several great players (Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving), the game was a pretty entertaining watch and many fans considered it the game of the night.

On Twitter, one of LeBron's former teammates was among the first to react, praising the fourth quarter for being the high-quality piece of entertainment it was.

Kevin Durant missed the game due to health and safety protocols, but he made sure to celebrate his team's victory on social media. After the final buzzer, he showed his support with a few words.

In Los Angeles, the Lakers are in the middle of a really tough stretch. Losers of five in a row, things are looking increasingly bleak and Russell Westbrook has been getting most of the blame.

His fit with LeBron has been questionable at best and fans are starting to notice his lapses on both ends of the floor.

“It’s not about the triple-doubles no more," said Kendrick Perkins. "Can you turn the damn corner and win basketball games. Can you cut down on the turnovers and win basketball games. Can you go out there and lead a team, be the ultimate floor general and win basketball games. When you look at Russ, and you look at CP3 that’s the difference. CP3, he goes out there and he wins basketball games.” 

The Nets, meanwhile, are dealing with issues of their own. While they currently reside at the top of the standings, Kyrie Irving's absence has left them short-handed all season long, and they haven't really had the chance to develop proper chemistry.

While Irving could return soon, it remains to be seen if the rest of the team can stay healthy for a lengthy period of time.

Whatever the case, let's hope these two teams meet again in the postseason. Because, if they do, it will surely be one heck of a battle.