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Kevin Durant And LeBron James React To Klay Thompson's Return: "It's A Huge, Huge Day Out There. It's Going To Be Electric In There Today."

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson is scheduled to return against the Cleveland Cavaliers today, and it is definitely a moment that has been anticipated by fans for a while. Klay Thompson is one of the best shooters ever, and when he's on fire he's an extremely entertaining player to watch.

Kevin Durant has recently reacted to Klay Thompson's return and claimed that it is going to be "electric" in Chase Center arena today. The two were previously teammates on the Warriors, winning two championships together.

"I'm excited for him. I know it's a huge, huge day out there in the Bay Area. It's going to be electric in there today. Talking to Klay over the last couple years, you can just feel it through text messages how excited he is to get back on the floor."

"I know every basketball fan is going to be tuned in, so I'm looking forward to his return and a healthy rest of the season and the rest of his career as well. I'm glad he's back."

LeBron James also expressed his excitement about Klay Thompson's return, sending out a Tweet featuring multiple "fax" and "fire" emojis in response to a post saying it's good to see Klay Thompson play basketball again. 

There is no doubt that there's a good atmosphere in the NBA world ahead of Klay Thompson's return. It's always good to see a player return from serious injury, especially an iconic player like Klay Thompson. While he will be limited minutes-wise in his return, Thompson will be starting for the team upon his return.

Hopefully, we see Klay Thompson knock down some shots and regain some confidence. It's not necessarily about Klay Thompson putting up stats today, it's more about him getting reacclimating to the game. The Warriors are a top-tier team in the Western Conference, and adding Klay Thompson to the mix should make them even better. Perhaps he'll be back to his usual self by the postseason, and if he is, the Warriors will be a tough team to beat.