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Kevin Durant Calls Grown Man "Attention Wh*re" In Savage Tweet

Kevin Durant

On the court, Kevin Durant is an unstoppable force of nature who scores at will and hands out losses like candy.

But for KD, the war doesn't stop when the game is over. In fact, in many ways, it's really just one part of the ongoing fight between himself and his greatest naysayers.

On Sunday, the 2x Finals MVP was up to his regular antics on Twitter, responding to fans and defending his honor when he sent out a Tweet that had users rolling. It was a response to one Celtics fan who claimed Durant is always out to make himself appear as a "big bad villain."

Calling another man an "attention wh*re" is really nothing out of the ordinary for the Nets superstar. Over the past few years, he has made a habit out of engaging with fans and calling out his haters, which could be why so many within the NBA community have turned against him.

When things were really bad, he used to go at fans with a burner account -- a burner account he says he still uses from time to time.

"I’m still going to do the burner thing," said Durant. "I’m still going to do that. Certain people, I’m going to come back on my regular account. But if I’m just trying to do my thing, I want to dip in, you know what I mean? I got the burner. I just slipped up that one time. You know why I slipped up."

Obviously, not everyone appreciates the way Durant shamelessly tussles with fans over social media. It rubs some folk the wrong way and can give off the impression that KD goes looking to pick fights with those who have a disagreeable opinion.

If you ask Durant, however, he'll likely tell you that he has just as much a right to defend himself as anyone else in this world.

Whether you see him as a hero, villain, or something in between, the guy is absolutely unapologetic in the things he says and does, even when it involves flaming an unsuspecting fan on social media.