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Kevin Durant Clapped Back At Journalist Jordan Hicks Who Called Him Soft On Twitter: "I Don't Have To Explain Myself To Jordan Hicks. Who Are U Again?"

Kevin Durant

The ultimate test of character comes when players make decisions that they know might irritate the fans that follow them. For a lot of players, those decisions come every once in a while. Kevin Durant, however, seems to be on a roll on that front since 2016. There is perhaps no NBA player that has as much abuse directed at them as KD and no player that claps back as much as he does either. 

The latest decision Durant has made to continue his partnership with the Brooklyn Nets hasn't gone over too well. There has been a lot of speculation about where he might go, and it has had a ripple effect, causing other free agents to not be able to sign. Furthermore, KD has been roasted for agreeing to stay with the Nets and going back on his ultimatum, considering that Steve Nash and Sean Marks weren't fired.

And journalist Jordan Hicks became the latest to incur Durant's ire on Twitter. He called KD out for being soft, which led directly to the Nets star's retaliation. 

Jordan Hicks: "Not a single tweet to explain yourself, just pettiness… But then wanna get mad when reporters try and figure it out. But then wanna get mad when the rest of the league tired of you. But then wanna get mad when people fry you. I defended you before, but you really are soft."

Kevin Durant: "I don’t have to explain myself to Jordan hicks. Who are u again?"

Normally, this might settle someone down and stop them from responding further, but it seems it was exactly what Hicks wanted. He thanked KD for the exposure he got from the NBA star's reply, and KD had another roast ready for him. 

Jordan Hicks: "It did give me some exposure though. And for that I do appreciate you @KDTrey5 lol."

Kevin Durant: "A lot of men out here are doing anything to be exposed to the rest of the world. It’s insane how much u wanna be seen."

It's hard to say who got the better of this exchange; both men seem to have made their points. Durant is going to be lambasted for his latest move one way or another, so it's not likely that this will be the last of his replies on the matter. Now, the wait begins for the NBA season to start, which is when Durant will truly have the opportunity to shut his haters up.