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Kevin Durant On Social Media: "I Used To Take It Personal. I Used To Think That People Were Trying To Personally Attack Me."

Kevin Durant

Social media plays a prominent role in the sports world today. It's used as a bridge between players and fans, but also as a way to drive conversations about the game and the stars that help make it so special.

Not everyone is a fan of the way it has changed things, though.

In a sit-down with Charles Barkley on TNT, the topic of social media came up and Chuck explained why he stays off social media sites.

"I'm anti-social media. I've never tweeted," said the former Suns star.

"I understand there's built-in animosity towards anybody who's successful. When you're a celebrity, people can say anything they want to to you but what you say to them could get you in trouble. I'm an old-school Alabama dude. If somebody says something to me, I have to respond."

Durant, who is known for engaging with the fans and clapping back against his naysayers, responded with some wise words.

“I enjoy engaging with the fans. I used to take it personal. I used to think that people were trying to personally attack me through my social media. But I realize these people don't know me at all and a lot of people are excited to have that interaction and just wanna somehow get some attention some way. But after a decade-plus of social media being around our game, it's integrated in our sport and in our life now and there's no hiding from it, so I just try to adapt.

As professional athletes, both Barkley and Durant know all about what it's like being in the public eye. No matter what they do, they'll be faced with critics and haters.

For Chuck, it seems he wouldn't be able to control himself if he looked at what people were saying online. Good on him for being self-aware.

For Durant, he's simply learned to not take it to heart -- a decision he seems at peace with.