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Kevin Durant Rips Into Michael Jordan Fan On Twitter: "Shut Ya Bum A** Up"

Kevin Durant Rips Into Michael Jordan Fan On Twitter: "Shut Ya Bum A** Up"

Up until very recently, Kevin Durant had more tweets than he had points scored in the NBA. That was incredible considering KD is one of the greatest scorers to ever live. However, he is probably one of the greatest basketball Twitter personalities ever. 

Durant has had a penchant for replying to fans and haters on Twitter quite often, having had arguments with people from almost every fanbase. Even an innocuous comment can be used by Durant to spill his venom. There hasn't been an NBA player more willing than Durant to face all the smoke from the Twitter trolls.

Durant had 16 assists in the play-in tournament game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, an anomaly for the nearly seven-foot scorer in Durant. Kyrie Irving called him the PG from PG County in his post-game interview. A fan got pressed by the comment and tried bringing Michael Jordan into that conversation, something Durant shut down.

Durant is just as ruthless on Twitter as he is on the court. Way too many people have been victims of his tirades on Twitter for people to not know better. However, being quote tweeted or replied to by KD causes many people to just spout hate to try and get a reaction for clout. 

Durant will focus all his energy on the Playoffs from here on out. While he probably won't go off social media as stars like LeBron James and Steph Curry do, he definitely will be locked in on the court to help the Nets overcome the Boston Celtics. 

The Celtics are the perfect team to try and neutralize the Nets, even though they will be without defensive anchor Robert Williams. This series is one of the most exciting in the entire first round and hopefully, it is a cracking contest between two possible conference finalists.