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Kevin Durant Says He Met Stephen Curry Coincidentally On The Street On The Night He Partied With Him In A Club

Kevin Durant Says He Met Stephen Curry Coincidentally On The Street On The Night He Partied With Him In A Club

Stephen Curry breaking the NBA record for most 3-pointers in history was a joyous moment. He did it in over 500 games fewer than the previous record owner, Ray Allen. So it was quite obvious that Curry celebrated the occasion in a great way.

In fact, the incident took place against the New York Knicks, so it gave Curry a chance to party with his former teammate Kevin Durant until 5:00 a.m. It was great to hear that two modern-day NBA legends and ex-teammates still have a great friendship.

But many might have wondered was it a coincident that KD found Curry that night or did the two superstars plan out their meeting. Well, the silence about it was broken by Durant himself, in a recent interview. 

Via NBC Sports:

"I was leaving my house about to grab some food somewhere else, and some people outside were like, ‘Yo, Steph’s across the street.’ I’m like, ‘Damn, really? Alright let me go say what’s up.’"

So it is quite evident that KD ran into Steph coincidentally and then decided to party with his former teammate all night long. In the same interview, KD also talked about his reaction on Steph breaking such a great record.

"Anytime you can break an NBA all-time record, regardless of what it is, especially something as significant as the 3-point shot. And then he has like, let’s say he’s got seven, eight more years of playing. So he’s going to shatter it, and it’ll never be broken again. And so when you start thinking about all that stuff. that can make you emotional.”

It is great to see him still feeling good about Curry breaking this record and believing that once Steph retires, his tally of total three-pointers made will be quite unreachable.

While the two superstars must have a great relationship off the court, when it comes to facing off against one another, they always give their best. Moreover, both Durant and Curry are frontrunners to win the regular-season MVP this season.

On top of that, their teams are currently at the top of their respective conferences. So fans might see a KD vs Curry matchup in this season's NBA Finals.