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Kevin Durant Sends A Message To Nets Fans Amid Losing Streak: "If You’re A Fan And You Appreciate Nets Basketball And What We’re Trying To Build You’ll Follow Us Along This Journey..."

Kevin Durant

After his first game back in action, a 113-107 loss, Kevin Durant preached patience and faith to Nets fans in the post-game chat with the media.

He kept things real, knowing that expectations have been high and that his Nets have, so far, failed to meet those expectations.

“I just expect us to officially get out team together, get everybody healthy and find their rhythm,” Durant said. “Let it just fall where it may. Like I said we went through a tough stretch. [Myself] being out a month and a half, not being ble to play. Our team seen some changes. This is a situation where it’s only going to build our character and the organization only going to make us better as individual players and as a team."

“I know a lot of fans that are watching us had high expectations for us coming into the season and expected us to run away with the championship,” Durant said, ” but if you’re a fan and you appreciate Nets basketball and what we’re trying to build and you’ll follow us along this journey that’s about to come up. You never know what may happen. You never know what may come from this from each player and who may get better from this. But for sure it’s going to make us into better people.”

It is a somber moment for New Yorkers, who never would have imagined a team with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving being at .500 more than halfway through the season.

Yet, this is their reality and nobody is sure what comes next.

With James Harden gone, and Ben Simmons dealing with another setback, it could be a while before we see this squad's true potential. In the meantime, Kyrie Irving continues to play as a part-time participant as he awaits the vaccine mandates to change.

For Durant, it has been a stroke of bad luck and misfortune ever since he arrived.

Still, he believes in the team and what they have built together. A little adversity along the way is to be expected...