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Kevin Durant’s One-Word Response To Stephen A. Smith’s Comments About His Legacy: “Egregious”

Kevin Durant’s One-Word Response To Stephen A. Smith’s Comments About His Legacy: “Egregious”

After a strong start to the season, the Brooklyn Nets are currently in a tough situation. They have lost 7 out of their last 10 games and this has led to their current record plummeting to 29-22.

As a result, they have dropped to the sixth spot in the Eastern Conference table. It is surprising to see the one-time conference leaders now struggling with bad form. Moreover, they still have their two superstars in Kyrie Irving and James Harden available to play most of the games.

However, their team leader Kevin Durant is currently recovering from an injury. In his absence, the rest of the team is playing pretty underwhelming. Despite the fact that KD is not present for the Nets, people are still blaming him in a way for the team's struggles.

One of the most notable people among them is none other than famous NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith. Smith believes that if the Nets fail to win an NBA Championship this season, it will have a pretty bad impact on Durant's legacy.

"If these brothers [Brooklyn Nets] do not win a championship. … KD is on the verge for being recognized more so for the guy that left Steph Curry to go with Kyrie Irving, than he is for the two chips and two finals MVP.”

While it is true that KD's team is going through a poor run of form, he is not at fault, at least for right now. Upon seeing this claim from Smith, Durant gave a one-word answer to the renowned analyst.


One might think that Durant's response might be enough for what Smith said. But Stephen A. is someone who always tries to have the final say, and he did this once again.

"It’s absolutely Egregious, @KDTrey5. Totally wrong and unfair to the highest degree. But it also happens to be true. Those will be the headlines all off-season. I’m not saying it’s fair at all because it’s not. You deserve better. But those will be the headlines. You can book it!”

Smith tried to explain his point of view by clearing the fact that even if these claims are wrong, at the end of the day, that will be the narrative.

If Smith is right, let's hope KD and the Nets can have a decent postseason. This will allow the 2-time NBA champion to be on the positive side of fans.