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Kings Fans Were Extremely Hyped After Summer League Win: "We're Getting 40 Wins This Year."

Kings Fans Were Extremely Hyped After Summer League Win: "We're Getting 40 Wins This Year."

The Sacramento Kings are heading into their 17th year since last making the Playoffs, extending the longest playoff drought in league history. This is something that the current front office is trying their best to rectify, making aggressive win-now moves through the trade deadline, draft, and this year's free agency.

The Kings added Keegan Murray from Iowa with their 4th pick, a prospect who was touted to be the 'most NBA-ready' in this draft class. In addition, they have also signed players like Malik Monk and Kevin Huerter to be shooters around De'Aaron Fox and Domantos Sabonis. 

In the ongoing California Classic, the Kings have started by going 2-0 with good wins over the Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat's Summer League teams. The Kings seem to be falling into a pattern of getting their hopes up after Summer League for the wheels to come off the team in the actual NBA season. Considering how the fans are already celebrating Summer League wins, we hope for their sake that they actually crack 40-wins in 22-23. 

It is hard being a Kings fan and everyone does sympathize with their plight. The fans haven't done anything to deserve such a cold streak of going almost two decades without a playoff appearance. 

They have good players on their roster but couldn't make it work last season after a mid-season trade to acquire Sabonis. Now that the team has had half a season of continuity, with the addition of a great rookie and strong role players, the expectations start and end with the Kings being in the playoffs next season.

The fans are getting a little carried away considering the Kings have always been a strong Summer League team, winning the 2021 edition of the tournament. As we know from last season, Summer League isn't indicative of what a team can achieve in the regular season, so Kings fans should definitely temper their expectations.