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Kyrie Irving And His Father Shared A Big Hug After Ky's Season-High 38 Points vs. Bucks

Kyrie Irving And His Father Shared A Big Hug After Ky's Season-High 38 Points vs. Bucks

Kyrie Irving and his Brooklyn Nets traveled to Wisconsin, met the defending NBA champions as visitors, and managed to get a huge win over Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton and co. 

The Nets landed as the underdogs at Fiserv Forum, but that wasn't a problem for their star point guard, who went off with 38 points while grabbing 5 rebounds and dishing the same number of assists. It was a great game for Irving, who recorded his season-high points while getting an important win for his squad. 

That game felt different for him, and people knew it was like that. After the match was over, Kyrie celebrated with his father, starring in a heartwarming moment. The 2016 NBA champion and his father embraced each other, showing their excitement after an impressive performance from the former No. 1 overall pick. 

The Brooklyn Nets are still going through some changes. After the trade deadline, they have a different roster, with new pieces that keep their status as championship contenders. Even though without Kevin Durant or Ben Simmons on the court right now, they found a way to beat the current champions, at home. 

Kyrie talked about the new-look Nets after the match, explaining that the generosity of his teammates has made things easier for him, and the rest of the team. 

"When you're playing with guys that are coming off the ball, being very selfless, putting their body on the line and thinking the game, it just makes my job a lot easier to lead the offense as best I can as the point guard."

The Nets survived a difficult duel led by Kyrie. The second-best scorer of the team was Seth Curry, who dropped 19 points, while Andre Drummond added 17. 

Irving can become a full-time player in the next couple of weeks, as New York City mayor is planning on lifting the COVID-19 mandates. The Nets definitely can use him at home games while Durant and Simmons get ready to return. Seeing how well he played against one of the biggest rivals this season, Kyrie's comeback will be a major boost for Steve Nash's team.