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Kyrie Irving Jokes He Would Have Joined LeBron James On The Lakers If He Didn’t Leave Cleveland In 2017: “I’d Probably Be In LA Right Now.”

Kyrie Irving Jokes He Would Have Joined LeBron James On The Lakers If He Didn’t Leave Cleveland In 2017: “I’d Probably Be In LA Right Now.”

Kyrie Irving and LeBron James played together in the NBA for 3 seasons and found a lot of success together as a duo. Irving's growth into a superstar in Cleveland was one of the biggest reasons LeBron made the decision to return to the Cavaliers in 2014.

And together, they were able to bring the Cavaliers their first NBA championship in franchise history. But their tense relationship and subsequent falling out led to Kyrie leaving in 2017.

What would be different if Kyrie Irving hadn't left the Cavaliers in 2017? Well, according to Kyrie, he would still be with LeBron James, playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. During an appearance on the I AM ATHLETE podcast, Irving spoke about his decision to leave LeBron and the Cavs.

Irving Joked that he would still be LeBron's teammate and would have joined the Lakers. Irving noted that he had a great year with LeBron when the two clicked. But he eventually left the franchise because he wanted something different and didn't agree with their future plans.

Irving also shared how difficult it was dealing with the rumors and negativity he faced for his decision but explained that his faith allowed him to find peace with himself and his decision (2nd slide).

“I’d probably be in LA right now. I’d probably be traveling in his backpack. I’m joking man. We’ve had conversations, me and Bron, so when me and him clicked in 2015, I had one of my best years. Bron was like behind the scenes… I asked for a trade because I was looking for something different. I went to the organization, I know you have future plans, tell me right now. They told me, I said this isn’t for me. ‘Ky wasn’t talking to the team for the last month’. They started throwing all these things. I was questioning myself like ‘I left one of the best to play the game’ and I started listening to that. When you start believing what other people say about you, you become a shell of yourself. For others that dont really give a f*ck about whether or not you breathe another day. I started digging deeper into my faith, into Islam. I started digging deep into the community, following the word of god. I’m at peace with myself.”

Kyrie also spoke about playing 1-on-1 with LeBron during a Cavaliers practice but refused to reveal which one of them won that duel. Irving has been more reflective over his time in Cleveland and did admit that he wishes he could have handled the situation better.

Irving and LeBron, despite their shaky relationship, seem to be in a good place now, as both players often speak highly of each other, and their time together. Could we ever see LeBron and Kyrie play together as teammates? We will have to wait and see, but nothing is impossible in the NBA.