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Kyrie Irving On Kevin Durant Breaking 25,000 Point Mark For His Career: "You're A Savant. You're An Artist."

Kevin Durant Defends Kyrie Irving Against Criticism From The Media: “Kyrie Has Always Been An Easy Scapegoat For Everybody”

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are the star duo for the Brooklyn Nets. There's no doubt that the two are effective when on the court at the same. Both players are well-known for their proficiency in isolation, as they are able to get their shot against most defenders in the league.

Recently, Kevin Durant has passed the 25,000 point milestone for his career. Kyrie Irving claimed that Durant is a "savant" and an "artist" for being able to do so, and added that he hopes to one day reach the same goal, and eventually reminisce on "a few championships that we won together" in the future. Nick Friedell of ESPN relayed the news.

"I told him in the locker room, 25,000 points, you're a savant," Irving said. "You are an artist. You have clipped history. And will forever be remembered as a legend in our game. And he's been doing it since he was 19, and there's a level of admiration I have for my best friend right there, and he just does it in ways that makes it look easy. And even when he takes six weeks off, it looks like he hasn't missed any time. And that level of work ethic that he puts in, it shows why he's as great as he is.

"And for me, it motivates me to continue to get my game up and hopefully when I'm done with my career I could be sitting next to him and having 25,000 as well and look back and we just crack jokes on a few championships that we won together. So that's the goal at hand."

Kevin Durant himself wasn't satisfied when asked about the feat, stating that he should have 30,000 points at this junction in his career. He did however add that he was happy to reach the milestone.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant will now focus on trying to make the playoffs, as the Nets are currently the 9th seed in the Eastern Conference. There's no doubt that they could potentially be a dangerous team when healthy though, and hopefully, we see Ben Simmons, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving play together soon.