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Kyrie Irving Responds To Nick Wright's Comment That He Will Retire If The Nets Trade Him

Kyrie Irving Responds To Nick Wright's Comment That He Will Retire If Nets Trade Him

NBA analyst Nick Wright recently reported that if the Brooklyn Nets traded Kyrie Irving, it would mean the end of his career in the league. Wright rightfully received a lot of backlash for his comments on Twitter.

Kyrie, along with Kevin Durant and James Harden, is the backbone of the Nets team. The trio is still in their respective primes, so there is hardly any chance that the franchise will trade one of their superstars.

Additionally, Wright has built a reputation for claiming a few weird takes over the years. In response to yet another unreal take, Kyrie Irving responded with just two words. 

He called Wright, "A Puppet."

After Irving called out the controversial analyst, he was quick to clear things up and see what he meant by his previous tweet.

"Kyrie, if you’re saying you didn’t say you’d retire if you were traded, then your beef is with your representation, not with me, because you and I both know that’s what they’ve told people."

This was by no means an apology or anything of that sort by Wright. If anything, he replied back to Irving's insult and told him to get it sorted out with his representatives.

While it is true that the 29-year-old has said in the past that he wants to retire early from the league, there are no signs of that happening, at least for now.

The Nets have built an excellent squad in the free agency and are all set to compete for the NBA championship. Last season, the roster never reached its full potential due to several injuries to their stars.

This year, Brooklyn has emerged as the team to beat in the Eastern Conference. After all, the team has everything one can want. A great star cast, a good supporting cast, and a competent coach.

Combining the above-mentioned things is the recipe for success in the NBA. Now, the only question remains, will the players actually deliver as per the expectations from fans. Or will the Brooklyn Nets have to wait for some more time before getting their hands on the glorious Larry O'Brien trophy?