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Kyrie Irving Reveals The New York Knicks Had A Good Chance To Sign Him And Kevin Durant In 2019 Free Agency

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Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are one of the best duos in the league today. While the Brooklyn Nets are in a play-in tournament position right now, there is no doubt that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant could potentially make some noise if they end up making the playoffs.

The duo teamed up in 2019 free agency and they are obviously doing fine on the Brooklyn Nets. At that time, the New York Knicks were also a team that was heavily linked with getting them in free agency.

Kyrie Irving has recently revealed that the New York Knicks actually "had a good chance" of getting the two to sign with them in free agency. However, he added that the two wanted to "make our mark" on the Brooklyn Nets and that they do not "regret" their decision.

One of the funniest things that I see out there, probably from Knicks fans, is me and K are perfect for each other because we respond on socials at times. They had a good chance at getting us back in free agency. But we just felt like we wanted to build here and just make our mark on this franchise. I don't think we regret our decision, and we just want to live with leaning on each other and making sure this is successful for us.

The New York Knicks are traditionally viewed as a more popular team than the Brooklyn Nets, and it is easy to see why many people thought that the duo would end up there. However, Kyrie Irving's stance on him and Kevin Durant making their own mark on a franchise is respectable, and they definitely have a chance to do so.

The Brooklyn Nets might not win a championship this season, but they will most likely be contenders next year, especially if Kyrie Irving ends up returning in free agency. A big three of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Ben Simmons should be scary, and they will definitely be among the best teams in the league.