Kyrie Irving Trolls LeBron James After He Misses A Free Throw: "That’s Your Best Free Throw Shooter?”

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(via Nothin' But Nets)

(via Nothin' But Nets)

Friday night's matchup between the Lakers and Nets was easily one of the best games of the season, as it featured many interesting matchups and storylines.

Among a series of highlights and plays, however, one particular moment generated more buzz than the rest: Kyrie Irving flaming his ex-teammate, LeBron James. The exchange happened in the first quarter, after James missed a technical free throw

It's safe to say it was just light-hearted humor by Kyrie, but some are digging deeper. Considering their history together, and some of the things Kyrie said about LeBron over the past year and a half, many believe there is some real bitterness and beef between the two players. It's one of the more popular narratives about their relationship.

LeBron's 71.1% average from the line is well below Irving's average of 91.8% this season, and it seems an easy thing to clown the "King" for.

But there is no real evidence of a rivalry between James and Irving, and the best anyone can do is speculate.

If they happen to meet up in the Finals, though, things could get really interesting...