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Kyrie Irving's Agent Says The Nets Star Doesn't Hate Sean Marks And Steve Nash: "I Am Not Sure Where This Narrative Is Coming From... He Is About Peace, Love, And Acceptance."

Kyrie Irving

Things in Brooklyn have gotten a little out of hand. Kevin Durant's ultimatum to owner Joe Tsai regarding letting go of Sean Marks and Steve Nash has put the entire NBA world on notice. With Tsai siding with his front office and coach, though, a trade away from the Nets now seems almost inevitable for Durant. It is unlikely that the relationship can be repaired at this point. 

Throughout all this, questions have been asked about what this means for Kyrie Irving. There was massive speculation that he would be traded away as well, but since then, reports have suggested that he is okay staying with the team. However, there was also a report that said he isn't on board with Marks and Nash either, and that he hates the duo

It's always tricky to tell what can be believed with Kyrie and what can't, and now the report of him hating the Nets duo is also being disputed. This comes straight from his agent too, his stepmother Shetallia Riley Irving, who explained to the New York Post that Irving is a man of peace and doesn't hate anyone. 

“I am not sure where this narrative is coming from, but Kyrie does not hate Steve nor Sean. That’s not a part of his being nor how he represents himself in the world. He’s about peace, love, and acceptance,” his agent and stepmother Shetallia Riley Irving told The Post.

Then one thing that Irving cannot be accused of is putting out hateful messages. The star guard often shares his thoughts on peace and love when he interacts with the public. There may be a lot of other drama associated with Kyrie Irving, but he's not one to come out and disparage someone else. Regardless of the truth, though, there is simply no way to tell how his or even Durant's situation will play out moving forward.