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Lakers Fans Riot After Embarrassing Blowout Against Pelicans: "Disrespecting The Game Of Basketball..."

LeBron James

The All-Star break was supposed to be a chance for the Lakers to reset and regroup ahead of the playoffs.

Instead, it only served as a break of misery for fans, who are watching their team spiral further out of control.

Sunday night's 123-95 loss to the Pelicans (who were just 24-36 before the game) was just the latest reminder that the Lakers have not improved at all since the arrival of Westbrook.

Fans were understandably upset and made their feelings known on social media both during the game and after the final buzzer.

LeBron eased the worries of fans in Southern California when he denounced the rumors of his exit and re-affirmed his commitment to the Purple and Gold. According to James, he's in this for the long haul.

But even with those concerns out of the way, the Lakers have a lot to worry about.

"Their ceiling is the playoffs and a first round exit," said Stephen A. Smith. "I don't see them beating Golden State, they ain't beating Phoenix. They ain't beating Memphis. They ain't beating Utah. Hell, they might even have a problem with Dallas for crying out loud. Let's not forget the Denver Nuggets... The point is, when we look at the Los Angeles Lakers, they'll be lucky to make it past the play-in tournament... it should be an expectation that they should at least make the first round. You do have LeBron James and Russell Westbrook."

LeBron James is older, and his ability to carry a team is questionable. Russell Westbrook is struggling to find a rhythm, a tale that has extended since the beginning of the season.

Worst of all if Anthony Davis, who can't seem to stay healthy for a lengthy stretch of time. He cannot be counted on to stay on the floor, and the Lakers don't have much of a chance without him.

Needless to say, the situation is volatile right now and there's no way to determine how it can be improved. Until changes are made, fans have no choice but to continue to watch the mayhem unfold.