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Lamar Odom Says Celtics Fans Shook The Lakers Team Bus After Game 6 Of 2008 Finals



One of the NBA's greatest and most well-known rivalries is between the Lakers and Celtics -- two bitter enemies who also happen to be the two most accomplished teams in the game.

And while it might be years before we see them face off in a Finals, we're still getting stories now of what some of their fiercest battles were like.

In a recent interview on VLAD TV, 2x NBA Champion Lamar Odom detailed a rather memorable experience in the 2008 Finals, when their bus was being shaken by Celtics fans following a defeat towards the end of the series.

"We not only lost, they beat our a**. In that sixth game, they beat us so bad, they wouldn't even let our bus to leave. They were shaking up our bus when we were leaving. So God knows what would've happened had we won that game."

Odom also described what it was like to lose that year, his first Finals, to a team considered to be their greatest rival.

"It was a short, short, short, hurt. Then you got your party on for a week or two, and then you had your a** right back in the gym, getting ready for the season."

Boston fans are known for being a rather rowdy bunch, so one can only imagine how they must have treated their most hated enemy during the NBA Finals.

Well, it looks like shaking that bus might have awakened the beast -- because, while the Celtics dominated that series, the Lakers would take their revenge in the following years, winning back-to-back Chips in 2009 and 2010, the latter of which came against Boston.

Lamar and his squad definitely got the last laugh there.