LaMelo Ball Had A Controversial Comment About Skipping School To Play Basketball Professionally: "We Not Dumb. We Know How To Learn. We Don't Need School."

LaMelo Ball Says He Calls Michael Jordan 'Unc' When They Talk

LaMelo Ball was the recipient of this year's Rookie of the Year award, and his rookie season was definitely a bright spot for Charlotte Hornets fans. His flashy pashes and overall swagger caught the attention of many media outlets, and Ball has certainly made basketball exciting for the city of Charlotte once again.

Recently though, LaMelo Ball was in the media not for his basketball exploits, but for a controversial comment made in a recent interview with GQ. In that interview, LaMelo Ball talked about skipping college to play basketball abroad prior to his NBA career and revealed that he had no regrets about the decision. LaMelo Ball stated that people don't need school, and questioned what school even teaches individuals.

We not trippin' off school. We not dumb. We know how to learn. We don't need school. And school not even teachin' you sh*t—what the f*ck is school?

There is no doubt that for many people, going to school/college is generally a good idea as it will unlock many opportunities later down the line. However, it is true that school isn't for everyone and that some people succeed despite not going to college. LaMelo Ball is certainly one of those people.

A fan who agreed with LaMelo Ball's comment on school posted a clip of the famous cartoon Rick and Morty, with the titular character Rick explaining why school is a "waste of time". LaMelo Ball reacted to the comment itself with two laughing emojis, and the video sent a similar message to LaMelo Ball's statement.

It is clear that LaMelo Ball was good enough at basketball to the point where he did not need college to find success and make a living playing basketball in the NBA. However, that is only the case for select people in the world, and people are generally better off staying in school as a whole.