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LeBron James And Kyle Kuzma React To Their Doppelgangers At 2022 FIFA World Cup

LeBron James And Kyle Kuzma React To Their Doppelgangers At 2022 FIFA World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup has been an exciting event so far, with plenty of amazing games being played between highly competitive countries. 

While the NBA season is in full swing, it can be hard for some basketball fans to keep up with what is happening on the FIFA scene, but even the most hardcore basketball nerds had to look when a recent photo of "LeBron James" went viral on Twitter.

Of course, it's not actually a photo of LeBron, but the resemblance is pretty striking when you take a minute to look.

The man's real name is Bryan Mbeumo and he's a forward on the Cameroon national team. Besides looking like LeBron, and being an amazing athlete, Mbeumo doesn't really have any other similarities to the King.

Still, it was enough to get the attention of LeBron himself, who posted about this bizarre situation on his Instagram story.

Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 6.43.04 PM

Funnily enough, James isn't the only one with a clone in the FIFA scene. Wizards star Kyle Kuzma apparently also has a soccer-playing twin, although the differences are a little more glaring than with LeBron.

Several LeBron James Doppelgangers Have Surfaced Over The Years

For a guy as big and famous as LeBron Jame,s it's no surprise that fans have discovered several of his real-life lookalikes. Last year, former NBA player Patrick Christopher went viral for confusing fans by sitting courtside at a Lakers game.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar had a low night against the Houston Rockets, scoring 15 points in the team's 95-85 win over the young Rockets.

Somehow, The King still stole the show when TV cameras spotted his clone. At some point in the 2nd quarter, the 4x NBA champion showed up on camera and behind him, was sitting that looked like his twin. It was a great moment caught on TV, fortunately.

Fans came up with a lot of jokes after this, some claiming that LeBron is using a double to extend his career. Others said he's so good that he can play and see himself simultaneously and more. 

So, it seems that LeBron has a lot of lookalikes out there, and one can only imagine the perks they must get simply for having a similar face to basketball royalty.

It's a pretty wild thing to think about, and it should be pretty interesting to see how many more doppelgangers make themselves known over this year's World Cup tournament.

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