LeBron James Comments On The NBA's Many Injuries: "I Knew Exactly What Would Happen. I Only Wanted To Protect The Well-Being Of The Players..."

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It seems as though the NBA has had many injuries during the season, and that has trickled into the playoffs. Both LeBron James and Anthony Davis were injured during the first round for the Los Angeles Lakers, Joel Embiid reportedly has a meniscus injury, and Mike Conley has been out with a hamstring injury for the Utah Jazz throughout the entire second round. 

Kawhi Leonard has joined that list, as it was reported that the Los Angeles Clippers star will be sidelined indefinitely with an ACL injury. There is no doubt that this season has had a lot of injuries to key stars, and some people have attributed that to the shortened offseason. Recently, LeBron James has commented on all the injuries and claimed that he knew this was going to happen.

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers went to the Finals last season, so they were among the teams who got the least rest. LeBron James also commented on the business side of things and suggested that he gets that perspective too.

It is clear that this year was unfortunate for the NBA when it comes to injuries. Hopefully next year, that won't be the case, and teams will have a full offseason to recuperate after this year's Finals. Things seem bleak for a lot of fans right now, and ideally next season, we won't have a repeat of the injury woes that struck the NBA.