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LeBron James Complains About Improper Mask Wearing At His Kid's Basketball Game: "I'm Sorry But I'm At My Boy's Game And The Mask Underneath The Chin Makes Zero Sense To Me."

LeBron James

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every single aspect of the world over the last year, and that extends to the NBA world as well. NBA players had to go into a bubble to play to finish the 2019-20 season, and vaccination for the virus has been widely encouraged across the league ever since the vaccines became widely available.

Mask-wearing is widely viewed as a great way to prevent the virus from spreading. But a mask has to be worn properly in order for it to have the desired effect. Recently, LeBron James has complained about the improper mask-wearing at Bronny James' basketball game, claiming that "the mask underneath the chin makes zero sense".

It makes sense that LeBron James would have this type of feeling about wearing masks in this particular manner. If one were to wear a mask underneath the chin, then there's really no protection against the virus, so it's essentially the same as not wearing a mask.

LeBron James has recently gotten out of health and safety protocols, avoiding a potential absence due to COVID-19. He has tested negative multiple times prior to getting cleared, and it seems as though his original positive tests were false positives. It's great to see one of the league's faces avoid a brush with COVID-19, as that is something you don't wish on anyone.

The Los Angeles Lakers will face the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday, and LeBron James should be back for that game. While he was expected to miss a couple of games previously for COVID-19 reasons, as of now the only game he will have missed is the Lakers game against the Sacramento Kings, which the Lakers ended up winning. LeBron James has already missed time with injury this season, and hopefully, he doesn't miss any more time in the future.