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LeBron James' Epic Super Bowl Commercial Goes Viral: "Best I've Ever Seen!"

LeBron James' Epic Super Bowl Commercial Goes Viral: "Best I've Ever Seen!"

Super Bowl 56 featured plenty of amazing action on the field. As an intense showdown between two hungry teams (the Rams and Bengals), the game itself was an absolute treat to audiences.

But part of the Super Bowl experience (at least for television viewers) is the slate of commercials that come between the action. Each year, companies pull all their resources to create the best ad and it always makes for some high-quality stuff.

This year, LeBron James and may have taken the take when it comes to this category.

The 30-second clip features a modern-day LeBron James talking to his High Schoool self from the past and it's pretty incredible to watch.

Fans were quick to applaud the CGI, as the "young" LeBron almost looks as real as the modern one. Really, though, the best part was just hearing the dialogue and some of the things that must have been going through Bron's mind at that age.

Of course, it's hardly the first commercial James has ever done. Back in August, he starred in a Nike commercial with Nicole Scherzinger.

When considering his time in front of a camera, there's also Space Jam: A New Legacy, which had James star in the sequel to Jordan's legendary 90s film.

All-in-all, LeBron James has become a global figure and nobody should be surprised if he makes more appearances on tv that aren't on the basketball court.