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LeBron James Gets Fans Hyped For Next Season With Latest Workout Video: “My Friends Asked Me Earlier If I Was BBQ’n For The Holiday. I Said I Am, Ask The Ones In Attendance!”

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LeBron James established himself as the greatest player of his generation over a decade back, and incredibly, he is still going strong to this day. LeBron finished runner-up to Steve Nash for the MVP award all the way back in 2006, and he is now coming off a season in which he averaged over 30 points per game, just as he did in 2005-06.

His longevity is something we will never see again, as LeBron is in a class by himself when it comes to that, and the crazy part is that he is probably going to be great for a couple more years as well.

 LeBron James Posted His Latest Workout Video On Instagram With An Epic Caption

As the offseason rolls on, though, you would be forgiven for thinking that a man of his age would be taking things a bit easy, but LeBron is no ordinary man. He has been hard at work in the gym as well as the practice court and took to Instagram to show his latest workout video.

LeBron certainly didn't get to be this good at this advanced stage of his career by slacking off in the offseason. He also got fans hyped with that caption to go with the video, as LeBron looks set to cook his competition on the court once again in 2022-23.

While you would back him to do that, there isn't a lot of confidence regarding his teammates keeping their end of the bargain. There are a lot of question marks surrounding Anthony Davis, while Russell Westbrook's future remains up in the air. They did make a solid acquisition in Patrick Beverley, whom Shaquille O'Neal called a defensive wizard, but none of their other offseason arrivals inspire a lot of confidence. 

It means the onus will once again be on LeBron to get the job done, and it is crazy that we can just state that so easily about an individual who is entering his 20th season in the NBA. We have taken LeBron's greatness for granted in many ways, and it will be seen as a major disappointment if he doesn't lead the Lakers to the playoffs. No other athlete at this stage of their career has ever been asked to carry this kind of a load, but if there is anyone who can succeed under these circumstances, it is LeBron.