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LeBron James Gives Emotional Post Game Interview About Breonna Taylor Case: "We Hope For Better Days."

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

Just one win stands between the Lakers and the NBA Finals. With their most dangerous competitors already eliminated, and with things going just right for L.A., it's reasonable to expect that they'll be holding the Larry O'Brien trophy within a few short weeks at most.

Still, in spite of what should be a happy moment, LeBron James sang a different tune in the postgame interview, diverting attention away from his team and towards the emotional Breonna Taylor court ruling.

"I know we lost a beautiful woman in Breonna that has no say-so in what's going on right now. We want justice, no matter how long it takes even though it's been so many days, so many hours, so many minutes for her family, for her community. I got a daughter of mine at home and a wife and my mom and so many prominent black women in my life to think about if they weren't here the next day. or think if they were gunned down that's something I'll never be able to forgive who did it.

So, we're here playing this game and it's very challenging on us, very difficult. But at the same time, our hearts are with that family, with that city, and it's just so unjust what's going on. It's a tragedy and we just hope there's better days. We hope for better days and spread love not hate."

After the officers involved were given a light sentence, many prominent figures in the NBA community have been speaking out, denouncing violence and racism while also demanding justice be done for Breonna and others who were wrongfully killed by police.

It's a steep hill to climb, especially with how divided everyone is right now.

But LeBron has made it clear where he stands, and he has only been getting more vocal with his opinions since the civil unrest reached its peak several months ago.

One has to think more of these sorts of speeches will be coming from LeBron in the weeks to come.