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LeBron James Has Scored More Points Than 7 NBA Franchises In The Playoffs Since 2000

LeBron James Has Scored More Points Than 7 NBA Franchises In Playoffs Since 2000

LeBron James' career has always been under the microscope for as long as he has been in the league. Despite the attention to his career, LBJ has always lived up to the high expectations set for him by fans and media alike.

While doing so, he has also shattered a lot of records throughout his career. Most recently, James passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most points, combining the regular season and the playoffs.

Speaking of his performances in the playoffs, James always tends to shift to an upper gear come postseason. He has accumulated a lot of points and has won four NBA Championships so far.

Talking about his achievements in the playoffs, an NBA fan on Reddit recently noticed an amazing stat about James' playoffs career. According to the post, since 2000, LeBron James has scored more points in the playoffs than 7 NBA franchises.

The 7 franchises include the Memphis Grizzlies, Washington Wizards, Sacramento Kings, New Orleans Pelicans, New York Knicks, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Charlotte Hornets.

James has scored 7,631 points in that time span and this is simply an amazing stat. While LeBron has outscored all the 7 teams, Kobe has done so against 4 teams and Tim Duncan has achieved this rare feat against 3 teams, respectively.

Moreover, adding to the fact that James is yet to retire, he can still add more points to his name. The only question is whether he and the Lakers will even be able to make it to the postseason this season?

Currently the purple and gold are in the 9th spot in the Western Conference and they are on a 3-game losing streak. With the NBA All-Star break arriving soon, the Lakers need to turn things around quickly. Otherwise, they might not even make it to the playoffs with essentially a superteam.