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LeBron James Not Happy With Squid Game Ending: "Get On The F*cking Flight And Go See Your Daughter Bro."

LeBron James Not Happy With Squid Game Ending: "Get On The F*cking Flight And Go See Your Daughter Bro."

LeBron James will be focused heading into the new season. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar is looking to put the bitter end to last season behind him and get back to the NBA championship. But James will have his work cut out for him.

Losing in the first round gave James an extended offseason, during which he kept himself busy and focused on getting into the best shape possible heading into the new season. For James, at his age, it is pivotal that he gets all the time he can in order to get his body ready for a grueling 82-game season, the first one in 3 years.

But LeBron hasn't just been getting in shape, he has also been watching Netflix. More specifically, the global sensation that is known as 'Squid Game'. The show became extremely popular over the last few weeks, and it appears that King James is also a fan of the series.

LeBron James finished his press conference with Anthony Davis by his side. Davis asked him if he has seen the popular show. James responded saying that he did, but he was not a fan of the ending (spoiler alert ahead).

"I did finish... I didn't like the ending though. I know they ending with season 2. But get on the f*cking flight and go see your daughter bro. What are you doing?"

Unlike last season, LeBron James will have had a lot of time off to prepare for the new season. Last year, the Lakers won the NBA championship in October of 2020 and had to enter the new season by December of that very same year, leaving LeBron James and company with less than 100 days to get ready for the new season.

The short turnaround between seasons caused a lot of injury problems for the Lakers, including LeBron James and Anthony Davis who spent significant portions of the season on the sidelines. And their recovery came a little too late, as they struggled to find enough form to beat the Phoenix Suns.

But this season, the Lakers stacked their roster, adding several veterans and All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook. Russ has struggled in his preseason games and will be looking to improve going forward. But LeBron doesn't seem to be concerned, given that it is preseason. The real test will be the regular season, which begins next week.