LeBron James On If He Is Watching The Finals: "I Have A Horse In The Race And He Goes By The Name Of Chris Paul."

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LeBron James and Chris Paul go a long way. It's not a secret that they're lifelong friends and even spend a lot of their free time together. With Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony, they're the world-famous 'banana boat crew'.

That's why it's not surprising to see James rooting for his friend to win the NBA Finals. He's been vocal about it on Twitter, and openly admitted it during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel:

“I have a horse in the race and he goes by the name of Chris Paul, so I’ve been watching. That is my brother and we’ve known each other since my junior year in high school, his sophomore year. We actually met for the first time when we were in eighth grade. We played in the same AAU national basketball tournament in Orlando, Florida, and then we officially met my junior year, his sophomore year. We’ve been friends ever since," James said.

Some players claim that they just can't handle watching the NBA Finals because it makes them anger not to be able to play there, especially if the team that beats them reaches that stage.

Then again, LeBron James is not like most players. He's been to the Finals enough times to know how difficult it is to reach that stage, and he just wants to see his friend get his much-deserved silverware.

Also, hoops fans must be delighted to watch this Phoenix Suns vs Milwaukee Bucks series, as it's currently tied at 2 games apiece, and it doesn't seem like any of those teams has an edge over the other.

Hopefully, Chris Paul will get his reward and win a ring once and for all, but truth be told, both teams deserve to take the Larry O'Brien trophy home this year.