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LeBron James Posts To Instagram After Winning Fourth NBA Championship

(via Instagram/kingjames)

(via Instagram/kingjames)

LeBron James made history once again last night, winning his fourth NBA title to become just the second player All-Time with four MVPs, four Championships, and four Finals MVPs. At the top of the basketball world following a tough season, this was the ending that made it all worth it for James and his Lakers squad.

So, after the victory, it was no surprise to see the team celebrating. Even Bron, who had been there three times already, seemed to really appreciate the moment, evidenced by the pictures he posted on Instagram:

“ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED” What We Do In Life, Echoes In Eternity! #ThekidfromAKRON.

There were countless narratives about the Lakers this season, but they overcame all of them. Somehow, at 35-years-old and in his 17th season, LeBron was the driving force behind it all. As a kid from Akron, Ohio, who was just trying to survive, it's a true miracle -- and he tells us all the time how fortunate he is.

What will happen next season or the seasons after that? Nobody knows. This could very well be his last horah -- or it might just be the beginning. All we do know is that LeBron is at the top of the world again and nothing is holding him back.

This is his moment.