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LeBron James Reveals Whether Bronny James Is Close To Choosing A College: "You'll Hear From Him"

LeBron James Reveals Whether Bronny James Is Close To Choosing A College: "You'll Hear From Him"

The college recruitment of kids that will be headed to the NCAA in 2023 is already in full swing. Many top players from the 2023 high school class already know where they will be headed after high school ends for them, but many are still waiting to make a decision on the offers they have received. 

Bronny James isn't one of the top recruits from this class, currently ranked as a 4-star recruit, but will generate incredible interest from top programs by virtue of being the son of LeBron James. Bronny will also have options to turn pro and play in an international league, but it seems college might be the move for the oldest son of LeBron.

After rumors suggested that Bronny will be committing to the University of Oregon, LeBron came out and instantly clarified the college status of his son and revealed that Bronny is yet to make even a single campus visit and has just had preliminary discussions with coaches and universities. LeBron reiterated that whenever Bronny picks a college, he will be the one to reveal it to the world.

Bronny has been destined for at least NCAA basketball since he was very young, with Coach John Calipari of the Kentucky Wildcats meeting with Bronny when he was 10 years old to discuss his future.

The Wildcats may not be the best option for Bronny anymore as they will have 5-star recruits that will get a lot more attention than Bronny in terms of being involved in the game plan. 

There are many other schools Bronny could still choose from, and Oregon wasn't a bad shout. There is an entire season of high school basketball that is going to be played still, so if Bronny can impress in his final year in college, he may have some big scholarship offers lined up for the future.