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LeBron James Was Mad At Russell Westbrook For Not Playing Defense Against The Orlando Magic: "Westbrook Waiting For A Rebound."

LeBron James’ Smart Response When A Reporter Asked Him How Russell Westbrook Felt About Being Benched For The 4th Quarter: "Have You Followed Russ Throughout His Career?"

The Los Angeles Lakers registered their 15th victory of the season, thanks to another phenomenal performance by their leader and best player, LeBron James. The Lakers are now 15-13 and sit in the 6th spot in the Western Conference. After a shaky start to the season, the Lakers are finally playing a bit better.

Despite clinching the game against the Orlando Magic, there were still a few ups and downs in the game for the purple & gold. One such moment was captured during the second quarter of the game. The Magic's Cole Anthony pulled up from beyond the arc and knocked down a three-pointer, extending the lead for his team.

The shot was great on Anthony's part, but it can be clearly seen in the video that Russell Westbrook messed up the defense. Brodie left Anthony wide open and being a good shooter, the Magic guard took advantage of it.

Following the poor defense from Russ, LeBron James was visibly upset with his teammate as he yelled at him.

Right after the heated exchange between the two players, head coach Frank Vogel called a timeout to let the players cool down. Vogel's strategy worked as the Lakers recollected themselves and went on to win the game.

As for James yelling at Russ, NBA fans reacted to the video on YouTube. Here are some of the best comments posted by fans under the video:

Allen Jones: "That's called good leadership. LeBron and every star has been called out for this."

Sheesh: "Come on man Le20/20Vison saw that 3 coming from a mile away but Russ didn’t close out on it."

Djb101: "Westbrook told: no problem it is a weak opponent🤣🤣🤣."

IGotClampsOnHof: "Westbrook guarding him with his mind."

Yuri Bual: "Westbrick's Iq mannn. Its like he's mind is out of this world, every time man.. This dude can't even think straight. Just guard the fricking dude bro, no defense, all turnovers.."

Sherwin Yanzy Enriquez: "I'm a Westbrook hater. But he was right where he is supposed to be, and not much he can do there."

Marquess Jackson: "Westbrick's waiting for the rebound lol."

Roel Redubla: "Westbrook is looking forward more rebounds than defense."

Kemtic: "Lebron acting like he hasn't done this 🤣."

James Laing: "I’m done with Russ man’s said i doesn't matter if we win chip or not come on."

Many fans trolled Russ for his lack of effort in the play. On the other hand, a few fans defended Westbrook as well, saying there was only so much he could do.

Recently Lakers fans have been kind of divided about Westbrook being committed to the team following his comments about being okay even if the Lakers do not win the championship.

There is still a long way to go for the season to end and with the Lakers playing well right now, they will hope to continue this form and end their season as a top-four seed.