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Lou Williams Believes That He Is The Best Sixth Man Ever And That He's In A Position To Possibly Make The Hall Of Fame

Lou Williams

Lou Williams is one of the most recognizable bench players in the league and for good reason. He has won three Sixth Man of the Year awards, one with the Toronto Raptors and two with the Los Angeles Clippers. Only Jamal Crawford has an equal amount. 

In a recent interview with Taylor Rooks, Lou Williams has stated his belief that he will go down as the best sixth man of all time. Williams cited his bench numbers and the influence that he's had on the way that people view the sixth man role today. (36:20)

Taylor Rooks: Do you think when it’s kind of all said and done, you’ll go down as the best sixth man of all time?

Lou Williams: I think so.

Taylor Rooks: What makes you say that?

Lou Williams: The numbers. Lifestyle. I made it acceptable for young kids to look at somebody and have an example of somebody that took a position they were given and made the best out of it and made it look cool.

I don’t know if anybody else embraced coming off the bench and being the sixth man the way that I did and turned it into a lifestyle. And so, I got the numbers to back it up. I have the records to back it up. Have the trophies to back it up. So yeah I say that with a lot of confidence.

I feel like, you know, I put myself in a position possibly be a Hall-Of-Famer at some point based on being the best at my job.

There is no doubt that Lou Williams is one of the greatest sixth men in NBA history. He has 13,067 points scored off the bench currently, and he'll add more points to that total during this season with the Atlanta Hawks.

It's unclear whether Lou Williams will eventually make the Hall of Fame. He doesn't necessarily have the accolades to be in there, but there have been others who have made the Hall of Fame with few awards, so we'll have to wait and see if it happens.