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Lou Williams On Kawhi Leonard's Practice Routine: "He Need Half The Day To Get His S**t Together"

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As we all know, Kawhi Leonard is not the typical NBA superstar. The Los Angeles Clippers player has a curious personality that doesn't necessarily fit the NBA's mold. 

That's what makes him unique among fans, who enjoy everything Leonard does, including his shocking participation in music videos. Ever since his days with the San Antonio Spurs, Leonard wasn't as flashy and outspoken as other stars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry. 

However, there's some sort of mysticism around Kawhi that not even his teammates can't ignore. In a recent interview, former Clippers star Lou Williams talked about Kawhi's practice routine, somehow praising and trolling him for being the first to come and the last to leave the practice. 

“Kawhi is there an hour and a half before practice, he’s there an hour and a half after practice, but that’s just his speed tho… he need half the day to get his s**t together. That's just how he operates, but definitely hard working.”

The Klaw has earned his reputation around the league. He went from being a great defender to a two-way threat for rivals. Even though his last two seasons haven't been successful, as he's dealt with injuries, Leonard remains one of the best players in the league. 

The Clippers will miss him for a big chunk of next season, but the Californians will have a big chance to compete in the Western Conference if they get him back before the playoffs. 

Williams, meanwhile, will start his second season with the promising Atlanta Hawks. After reaching the Conference Finals last campaign, they'll try to improve their performance. Maybe, just maybe, we can see the point guard going against his former team in the 2022 NBA Finals.