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Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar And The Showtime Lakers Reunite In Maui

Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar And The Showtime Lakers Reunite In Maui

The 1980s were perhaps one of the most entertaining eras to be a basketball fan. With two stacked teams in Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics going at it, it was this rivalry that truly transformed the NBA for generations to come. 

The showtime Lakers who had the likes of Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy, and Byron Scott faced off against the Celtics who had Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Dennis Johnson on multiple occasions.

While the Celtics did defeat them once to win the title, the Lakers had the last laugh defeating them twice and winning the title a total of 5 times in the 80s.  

Magic Johnson And The Showtime Lakers Reunite In Maui

The 80s were perhaps the best time to be a Lakers fan. With an unorthodox superstar point guard in Magic Johnson and a veteran center like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar supporting him, the Lakers were an unstoppable force. 

Not only did the team have this unstoppable duo, the supporting cast had players like James Worthy and Byron Scott who could have easily thrived as stars on other teams but opted to stay with the team. A stacked team, it was understandable to see why the Lakers were a dominant force at the time.

Recently, the 80s Lakers team had a reunion in Maui. With the full squad present along with former coach Pat Riley, the Purple and Gold legends are having the time of their lives in the ongoing reunion.

Not only that, Magic and Co. were also spotted on the court doing some stretching exercises and also ran some plays from back in the day. While they aren't as athletic anymore, it seems like the veteran point guard still has a trick or two up his sleeve in terms of passing the ball. 

It was certainly great to see the legends just reuniting with their friends and reliving the memories from the 80s. Given that the team won five trophies during that era, the Lakers might be pretty far from finding their next great showtime Lakers.