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Magic Johnson Says Kobe Bryant Would've Probably Given The Best HOF Speech Of All-Time: “I Know He Was Going To Give A Speech That Probably Would Have Been The Best All-Time, Cause He’s Competitive Like That."

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Kobe Bryant left this world one year ago and there is no one day where the NBA community remembers him. Bryant was really incredible both on and off the court, inspiring people around the world with his game, his mentality and his words.

The Los Angeles Lakers legend is set to be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame next May 2021, but sadly, he won't be there to see his name joining a pretty impressive list of immortal players. The Black Mamba would have done a terrific job during his speech, delivering great lines and enchanting everybody once again.

That is exactly what Magic Johnson thinks would have happened if Kobe was still here. They were two close friends and probably two of the three biggest Lakers of all time and Magic perfectly described what would have happened with Kobe during that time. During a recent interview, Johnson claimed that given Kobe's competitiveness, he would have gone for the best HOF speech of all time.

“I know he was going to give a speech that probably would have been the best all-time, cause he’s competitive like that,” Magic said, via Los Angeles Times. “He probably would have listened to what I said, what Michael [Jordan] said. He would have said, ‘OK, I’m about to give the greatest speech that there has ever been at the Hall of Fame.”

The entire NBA community misses Kobe. He will be greatly missed for the rest of the time and all these stories, anecdotes and hypothetical scenarios about him will keep his legacy alive. Next May 2021 will be a very emotional night for everybody when they remember Kobe.

He was a winner, getting 5 NBA champions, 2 Finals MVP, one regular-season MVP, and more. Kobe Bryant was already a legend when he scored 60 points in his last game in the league and just like LeBron James said, he's a legend, and legends never die.