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Shaq O'Neal DM's Artist Who Photoshopped Donovan Mitchell Dunking On Him: "Shut Yo Dumb A** Up"

Credit: Cal So Scoped

Credit: Cal So Scoped

Shaquille O'Neal is back making headlines, attacking NBA players without any apparent reason in recent times. The 4x NBA champion has earned a lot of criticism in recent weeks and that trend doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Moreover, he went after a graphic designer who shared a pic of Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell dunking on him.

"Cal So Scoped" shared their work on Instagram, showing a pic of Mitchell dunking on Miami Heat Shaq. "Shaq Don’t Really Want The Smoke With The Spidah," they captioned the pic with.

As you can imagine, that didn't sit well with the former big man and he replied to Cal So Scoped, sliding into their DMs to leave a short but clear message.

"Shut yo dumb a** up," O'Neal wrote.

This all started a couple of weeks ago when Shaq dissed Rudy Gobert for his $200 million, 5-year contract with the Jazz. That escalated very quickly but O'Neal didn't care. More recently, he went after Donovan Mitchell, even telling him to his face he didn't have what it takes to reach the next level.

This has been a recurrent practice for O'Neal and it's hard to see why he says what he says. Charles Barkley recently called him out, claiming he wouldn't even be part of the game today since everybody shoots three and that was a struggle for him during his active days.

He was a force of nature during his active days, as Kevin Garnett recently explained. He was a monster in front of the rim and nobody can deny that. However, Shaq is still going after new players without any apparent reason and that's bothering people. Anyway, he doesn't seem to be stopping in the near future so get ready for more Shaq's comments on modern-day NBA players.