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Marcus Smart's Hilarious Reaction After Watching His Own Flop Compilation

Marcus Smart

(via Uproxx)

Flopping is a practice that is generally frowned upon by the NBA community.  But for Marcus Smart, it's just a part of the game.

As the premier perimeter defender for the Celtics, he does whatever it takes to get a call that favors his team -- even if it means contorting his own body to create the illusion of contact. The guy has no shame.

So when he was forced to watch his flops in a compilation video by "The Old Man & The Three," it was no surprise to see him smiling and laughing like the rest of us.

Smart has made his stance on flopping clear in the past, and it's not hard to understand why he has embraced it.

Marcus Smart figured he would get a technical from his dustup with Facundo Campazzo. Asked about Campazzo flopping, Smart said: "I love it. I love it. Flopping is trying to get the call. It's a smart play. Anyone who says they never flop is lying. Everyone does it."

To Smart, selling a foul is worth it if it gives his team a better chance to win. Despite how hated the practice has become, almost every player is guilty of using the tactic at least a few times.

“The only difference between me is, I flop on defense. Your favorite player flops on offense,” Marcus Smart said, via John Karalis of “That’s the only difference. Especially in a game where the offense has nothing but the advantage, the defense has to do something to get the advantage back. So, the offensive guy can put his hands on you. He can touch you as much as he wants. But the minute you touch him, it’s a foul. So, you’ve got to draw attention to the officials to let them know, hey, it’s working both ways now.”

This season has been like any other for Marcus. He has provided contributions on both ends of the floor for his young Celtics squad, who are making waves in the East after a rough start.

While it remains to be seen how their season will end, Smart's presence will make them a formidable foe in the playoffs.

Of course, his flopping will only make it harder on anyone unlucky enough to stand in his way.