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Max Kellerman Says LeBron James Could Become The GOAT If He Wins The Title This Year

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Max Kellerman has dropped the notion of LeBron James winning the NBA title this year and becoming a real threat for Michael Jordan, widely considered the greatest basketball player to ever exist. 

This has been a recurrent debate over the years and the ESPN analyst believes this year, with all the competition he's facing, the 4x NBA champion could be taking a step forward on the all-time list.

This NBA season will present a lot of challenges for LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers and people know that could have a big impact on his legacy. The King has been chasing Michael Jordan for some time now and some consider he could have a big case against the Chicago Bulls legend if he wins it all this season, beating big rivals in the process.

During a recent edition of ESPN's First Take, while they discussing what return is most important between LeBron and James Harden, Kellerman dropped the idea that if the King beats the big competition he has this year, he could threaten Jordan's status around the league (4:23).

If LeBron James, this year, goes just not through the Clippers. There's a chance he'll have to go through the Clippers, the Suns and the Jazz before he even gets through the Nets. If they are all healthy and the Big 3 in Brooklyn are healthy and LeBron wins the whole thing? He has a hell of a case against Jordan this year. That's because, if the Nets are fully loaded, I don't think they can lose but I'd like to see it. I haven't seen them fully loaded yet. 

Well, this season isn't the same as the prior one, where a lot of fans said LeBron won a 'Mickey Mouse ring' because he didn't really have a lot of competition. This year things are a lot different; things got ready to beat him and the Lakers and if he's able to defend the title with his team, after all the bad things they have gone through this season, LeBron's legacy will be seen with a different optic. 

Everybody wants to beat them and if he survives all of that, the King will have a pretty good case to tie or surpass Michael Jordan as the greatest to ever do it.