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Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra Gets $120,000 Bonus For Every Win


It goes without saying that Erik Spoelstra is one of the greatest basketball masterminds of all time. The Miami Heat coach worked his way from the video room to the sidelines and has been a huge part of the winning culture they've developed in South Beach.

Coach Spo led the Miami Heat to 4 straight trips to the NBA Finals, winning a couple of them. Moreover, he turned a somewhat inexperienced roster to the Eastern Conference Finals and is two wins away from going back to basketball's ultimate stage.

And, apparently, it seems like there's a huge financial incentive for Spoelstra to keep leading the Heat to more wins, as Samir Mehdi of The Sports Ambush reported that he's getting a six-figure bonus for every game they win this season (both regular season and playoffs):

"It was reported in January 2020, that the Miami Heat higher-ups reward Erik Spoelstra with an extra $120,000 after each victory, whether it be the regular season or the Playoffs. The $120,000 per win is on top of the $3 million he is set to earn as his base salary for coaching the Heat. This puts Spoelstra’s 2020 season earnings, well over 9 million dollars," the report read.

Well, Pat Riley has always been all about winning and he's proven over and over that he won't hesitate to go the extra mile to try and motivate his employees or players to give it all on the hardwood.

There were even rumors about LeBron James wanting Spoelstra gone during his tenure with the team and Riley telling him that he wasn't going to fire him.

That's why it doesn't come as a surprise to see this clause in Spoelstra's contract. It's clear that they have plenty of confidence in him and his project going forward, and he's proven to being more than capable of leading this ship year after year.